Handbag Consignment

Step 1 – Description of the handbag

To help us provide you with a preliminary estimate for your handbag, we kindly ask for some essential information. We're eager to know the brand name, model, and serial number of your fabulous bag! And of course, we'd love to have your contact details so we can connect you with one of our representatives for the next exciting steps. Let's get started!

Step 2 – Inspection and evaluation of the handbag

Before showcasing your exquisite handbag on our website, we go the extra mile to ensure its pristine condition and authenticate all its components. You have two convenient options: drop off your handbag at our location or simply send it to us via courier. Our team of experts will meticulously examine every detail, leaving no stone unturned, to determine its true market value. Together, we'll then come to a mutual agreement on the perfect listing price for your cherished handbag. Let's make it happen!

Step 3 – List your handbag on our website

Once the price and commission rate have been agreed upon, we will proceed with listing the handbag on our website. Furthermore, we will share the handbag description and images across our social media channels and WhatsApp groups. These endeavors will help expedite the sale of your handbag at the desired price.

Step 4 – Receive payment

Upon identifying a buyer willing to pay the requested amount, we will proceed to accept the payment and provide the handbag in exchange. You may choose to receive the payment in cash or have the funds transferred to your bank account.